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Travel Startup
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Travel Startup is looking for CTO and oriented technology executive with 10+ years of professional experience in designing large scale enterprise solutions in the travel, GDS, airlines, hospitality and transportation industry.
Proven track record with a unique combination of sales leadership, delivery excellence, deep technical and subject matter expertise. Outstanding skills cultivating relationships with customers, colleagues, business partners while generating positive results.
As Chief Technology Officer, you will drive results by unleashing creativity and accountability in a performance-oriented culture among a diverse and talented team. Your experience with other rapidly scaling companies will help you design productive and efficient systems for the entire organization while assuming direct accountability for the technology function of our business. This role requires exceptional communication, analytical, and technical skills and demands fast yet carefully thought out results. Strong leadership and control of the work process from beginning to end is necessary. The job is rooted in developing new ideas, systems and technology, and also analyzing and improving on existing ones. A high level of expertise is expected and the ability to identify and fix issues is important. Work must be done quickly while maintaining consistent focus on accomplishing goals and inspiring the highest quality work from the team.

Primary Areas of Responsibility
• Aligning the technological objectives with the product objectives and business goals
• Lead the optimization of software architecture as it increases in complexity
• Keep the technology roadmap organized and up to date
• Lead the growth and evolution of the technology team through defining roles, structures, and processes that best serve the needs of the organization
• Representing and communicating the technology related value propositions of the company
Key Objectives
• Scale the technology team to meet the product design & development, maintenance & support, and infrastructure needs of the business within a specified budget
• Identify, manage, and mitigate technology related risks related to business continuity, security, and technology expense
• Lead the development of quality assurance programs that ensure delivery of defect free products to end users
• Develop systems and processes that enable fluid communication, feedback, and collaboration between technology teams and other teams within the company
• Lead the design and development of new product initiatives within the company and timely delivery to stakeholders in order to meet key business objectives
• Lead the optimal building and scaling of software architecture...
Specific Responsibilities
Technology Strategy
• Understand the technology related challenges and objectives in all areas of the organization
• Be an advocate for alignment of technology related initiatives, business objectives, and key business strategies within the organization
• Work closely with the Chief Product Officer to develop and implement technology strategies that achieve the product development objectives of the organization
• Oversee the prioritization of technology related initiatives within the organization
• Maintain a high level technology roadmap
• Oversee the technology and software architecture activities of the organization
• Oversee and lead the refinement of the process and methodology by which the technology team interacts and works
• Evaluate and communicate the pros and cons of technology strategy options to members of the organization
• Evaluate the infrastructure needs of the organization and make recommendations for enhancements and improvements
• Understand and communicate business objectives to the technical team
Technology Team
• Create and maintain the technology staffing and team growth plan that enables the organization to achieve its technology related objectives
• Oversee the technology team management and operational structure
• Oversee the technical portion of the interview process
• Develop technology leaders within the organization
Company Success
• Identify and champion technology based initiatives that will support business objectives
• Work within the technology budget of the organization to achieve maximum output and efficiency
Required Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities
Broad knowledge + experience in:
• Startups / Small Business
• Interactive Product Management
• Basic Knowledge of Java, PHP, CSS, HTML, My SQL , AJAX
• Multi-tier software & service orientated architecture
• Thriving in a growing organization
• Infrastructure and deployment automation
• Building and operating agile software development teams
• Modern mobile software development techniques
• Modern web software development techniques
• Hosting and scaling web applications on cloud infrastructure
• Modern information assurance and security techniques
• Building and integrating with APIs
• Test driven development techniques
• Continuous integration techniques
• Data collection, storage, warehousing, & analysis
• Develop and mentor leaders within the organization
• Facilitate productive collaboration and communication between technology teams and other company departments

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